Notes From the Tip Jar 

SOOOOO many fun things happening right now! 

We are excited to partner with Alpine Music Connection who will be managing new bookings for Dear Marsha,    you can check out more info at

The album finally has a new name - Notes From the Tip Jar!   Be sure to drop a handwritten note in our tip jar these next few live shows and who knows... maybe your note will appear on the cover of the album!    IF you arent close or cant make a show, write us a handwritten note about…

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A Whirlwind Summer 

What a fun summer full of memories, fun times and lots of laughter and music!    Thank you all that came out, tuned in to live streams, and followed us all over Colorado and Texas!   

Quote of the summer..."the dog's high, I have a beer in my hand, and mom is talking to the cops".  No need to go into any details!

We are so excited to announce we will be in the studio starting a full new album in November.   look for the first single to be released Feb 2022 and a full album release mid -fall 2022!

We have…

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WOO-HOO MARSHANS!   we have LIVE GIGS!   Welcome back from COVID - we are back in action and oh so excited to be back with live people!  

WE have a full summer and fall listed on the calendar for upcoming shows and more added nearly each week!    WE just reordered t-shirts and have all sizes!  We also have Koozies available!   Our main concern is that your beverage stays cool!   :)  

August 12th we will have teamed up with scy pictures for filming the show and coming soon - a fun visual experience look at…

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Happy Fall! 

Thanks Marshans for showing up at all our "summer of the Marshan" shows.   Fun times and fun memories and we are grateful for the support you all continue to bestow upon us!    We are going to be  laying low the next two months doing some writing and preparing for our upcoming recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis TN!    We have pushed our recording dates back to the first of the year and so excited that we will finally have some new tunes!!!  We will see you guys in December and get ready for a …Read more

Summer is Nearly Here! 


Oh gosh are we ever so excited to ring in summer and get busy performing!   Although our winter off has resulted in quite a bit juicy Marsha productivity!  

We have been booking and filling up our schedule with dates coming through the end of the year.  Be sure to check out our upcoming dates on the Calendar or our tour page on Facebook.    Look for shows coming in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma! 

We have also put back together a fabulous set of musicians for some full band…

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