David Derby has driven the funky bus behind many of Denver’s top acts, including singer/songwriters Wendy Woo, 
Melanie Susaras, Coles Whalen, Wendy Clark, and others. With thirty years on the music scene, David is an accomplished musician who blends a flavorful mixture of jazz, funk, and Latin beats into every groove. 

David credits his family for his love of 
music as he was exposed to a wide variety of 
sounds from an early age. His grandfather was a jazz drummer from Harlem and counted as 
especially inspirational and encouraging in David’s takin up the drums. 

David has shared a good deal of stage time with Steve Cox on bass,  which tends to result in a funky good time and big smiles all around, on stage and off. 

David Derby’s obvious musical talents, mixed with his quite infectious, positive vibe, make him a continual favorite among audiences and his fellow players alike.