A Whirlwind Summer

What a fun summer full of memories, fun times and lots of laughter and music!    Thank you all that came out, tuned in to live streams, and followed us all over Colorado and Texas!   

Quote of the summer..."the dog's high, I have a beer in my hand, and mom is talking to the cops".  No need to go into any details!

We are so excited to announce we will be in the studio starting a full new album in November.   look for the first single to be released Feb 2022 and a full album release mid -fall 2022!

We have already started booking Winter and spring 2022 - look for shows coming soon!   New Mexico we are headed your way too this year!

As always we are super thankful for the guys sticking this DM thing out with us - we have the absolute best!  David Derby on drums, Steve Cox on bass and Zak Sloan on guitar.    We are lucky they keep showing up for shows!   :)

BE sure to watch the Merchandise page for new items coming out - Tumblers and Sweatshirts!   

We also will be launching pre-sale campaigns on our website including opportunities to have us play at your home, join us in the studio and play on a track, and special Album specific swag bag merchandise with the purchase of pre-sale items!

And the best for last - Marshans ... you ARE the absolute best!  No other band has fans like you!   WE are ever so grateful for you!  

We heart you all!

Raina and Wendy