From side-man guitarist, to front-man, to producer, Zak Sloan is always moving. As a producer Zak loves walking alongside an artist to take a song from idea to release. Zak brings a relaxed feel to his studio & has an ear for arranging and creating a soundscape that pulls the listener in while being true to the song. As a co-writer Zak brings his years of classical piano and puts it inside his years playing rock guitar in every club he could find to create music that grooves but never loses its melody. His collaborative voice is true but never overpowering, his lyrics are keen and sincere. His one goal is to make the song as good as it can be. 

As a plugged in singer/storyteller Zak takes the vibe of Petty and combines it with modern pop sensibility to create jangly pop/rock that is modern but never stripped of it's blues rock roots. Zak's music sounds like Train, if they were fronted by the Boss. 

His new album - Nowhere, New Mexico - is a nod to the small town upbringing that shaped Zak. Never one to hide his influences the sound of the 70's falls all over the record. Zak brings a small town sensibility to his music that calls to John Mellencamp and Creedence Clearwater Revival without sounding dated or narrow. These songs are about love, growing up in a small town, the desert of the south west, and the people that have shaped his life. Zak Sloan is a compelling songwriter whose voice slips between smoke and glass. 

You can find more information at or find his record on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.