Like so many fine players we know got his first exposure to music in grade school. It is so happens that he was the only one in the sixth grade class tall enough to manhandle that big ol’ acoustic bass! 

Born and raised in Colorado, Steve is 100% homegrown talent.  Steve plays bass exclusively because he loves the deep sound and loves to groove. he was introduced to upright bass in orchestra at the age of 12 (back when everyone took music in middle school), and after graduating from high school went on to earn his Degree from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where he received teacher's honors and was awarded a beautiful 5-string Ibanez bass. 

He has been teaching bass guitar for over 25 years in Aurora, Colorado.  Student's of mine have gone on to study and graduate from such prestigious schools as Berklee College of Music and North Texas State University. Some have become very successful professional performers, opening up for such greats as The Victor Wooten Trio, Parliament Funkadelic, and many more. 

Steve has performed and recorded with many exceptional musicians, including Howard Wales of the Jerry Garcia Band (Album - Complex Simplex '01), Wild Card, Naked Lunch, Dear Marsha, and the Wendy Woo Band.

Steve drives the rhythm section to new creative heights, all while maintaining that all-important rock solid bottom, as he stands by his personal motto: “If the crowd ain’t movin,’ the bass ain’t groovin’!