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Dear Marsha, is a well-oiled rock & roll machine.  While studio recordings are forever, Dear Marsha, is a magically live band.  They play upbeat, energetic Rock and Southern tunes, and are known as "the band that has too much fun!" “Sort of like the Indigo girls on acid with Heart as their back up band!”  “Dear Marsha brings with it a power grrrl rock sound with a twisted shade of soul and wicked humor”.


With brilliant words, carried by a phenomenal voice that delivers arguably more music than her guitar, Melanie Susuras is a singer/songwriter that is capable of creating and delivering lyrical masterpieces. Melanie writes with such infallible clarity, it’s difficult to determine whether her words are painstakingly and brilliantly crafted, or uttered effortlessly--- as if storytelling were as simple as blinking or breathing. Her writing demonstrates an understanding of our deepest self that is formed not only by wisdom, but also acceptance. Through her instincts and experience, her writing openly allows for an examination of the odyssey and development we call life.

NoV 4th empow-HER fest, hermans hideaway


It's been a long time dream for Dear Marsha to create a music event featuring Women artists, performers, musicians, songwriters here in Colorado.     An event to celebrate and promote women in music, LGBT women in music and women in general!

The intent is to grow the WWRR festival to a large outdoor venue for an all day event and feature Colorado artists along with National artists while keeping it "local"

Our first WWRR the event was held in June 2022.  To date, WWRR has hosted 4 larger venue concerts, all SOLD OUT. 

We are excited to announce our next event - EmpowHER Fest hosted at the newly remodeled Hermans Hideaway