Summer is Nearly Here!


Oh gosh are we ever so excited to ring in summer and get busy performing!   Although our winter off has resulted in quite a bit juicy Marsha productivity!  

We have been booking and filling up our schedule with dates coming through the end of the year.  Be sure to check out our upcoming dates on the Calendar or our tour page on Facebook.    Look for shows coming in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma! 

We have also put back together a fabulous set of musicians for some full band performances in a new format.

We also have been doing some brainstorming and writing of lots of new material.   We are ancy to start performing them for you!

We are also soooooooooo happy to finally announce that we are headed back to the studio!   WHA?!?!   Yes, finally after all these years we have booked studio time in October at THE Sun Studios -the Birthplace of Rock in Memphis!  WE are (ambitiously) hoping to lay down ten new tunes and get them set for release possibly by the end of the year.

As always we are grateful for our Marshans!  Without you we would just be a garage band!     :)

Raina and Wendy


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