Thanks Marshans for showing up at all our "summer of the Marshan" shows.   Fun times and fun memories and we are grateful for the support you all continue to bestow upon us!    We are going to be  laying low the next two months doing some writing and preparing for our upcoming recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis TN!    We have pushed our recording dates back to the first of the year and so excited that we will finally have some new tunes!!!  We will see you guys in December and get ready for a rocking 2020 schedule!  


Georgeann October 04, 2019 @07:38 pm

You guys ROCK! Enjoy your time off! Can't wait to hear new music but know that I love all of your music! Blessings to you both! See you next year!👽👽👽👽 Georgeann a.k.a. Colorado Springs fan

Lew October 04, 2019 @06:58 pm

Do I need to say anything! You will always have a very very special place in my heart!

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